Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Playing by myself

We had a rule, I could not do anything unless he was there. I figured he is letting me explore a wild side so that is only fair. It changed one night. Now this happened after he had shared me with Dane, Daniel, Jimmy, Kev, Frank, Jeremy, Brandon, and Chris. We had a lot of fun with all of them so why change the fun right?? Alcohol!! I am not saying that as an excuse just helped it. Anyways, I went out drinking and ran into a younger co-worker of mine he was an employee of mine when I was a manager I mean he just graduated high school when he started working for e and he was a cutey. I told my husband and he took a polaroid of me to give to him and I said no way he would not be interested in me WRONG!! So we run into each other and he asks me and my friend back to his house other people will be there. So we go and other people are there til about 12 midnight. So I go out call "Shawn" my husband and tell him I am going to bring Luke home so we can have some fun. He is all happy. So I go back in his house and my friend is gone into a bedroom talking to a guy well Luke says I want to show you something I go back to his bedroom and tell him Shawn is waiting for us Luke says ok hold on let me see something. I love you ass can I see it. I tell him I will show you my panties. So I slide down my pants and he is standing behind me looking at my ass saying how nice it is and how he cannot wait too fuck me. I turn around and he is buck ass naked cock standing proud!!! Same size as my husband maybe a little smaller but at least 7 1/2 but a huge thick vein underneath!! He slides off my panties and I lower my head and slobber his cock up I lay back he slides his cock right in front of my pussy and I slide him in. Now like every young guy he likes to slam and he did it well but that might satisfy a girl's fucking needs but not orgasm!! Anyways he is fucking me very well and then he pulls out and cums on my stomach. He says Damn I want to fuck you more so I turn around and suck his dick and he starts to get hard again so he says I want to fuck you doggy so I turn around and get on all 4 and he slides his cock in again. This time he grabs my hips and I can hear the slams and the wetness and he is so proud and starts yelling yes I am wearing your pussy out damn listen to all the cum. I hear the door creak open and his friend his standing there cock out and watching. I am thinking no way Shawn will kill me for that luckily my friend gone done what she was doing cos I looked back after a few minutes and he was gone. So luke is having a great time fucking me and then I feel him pull out and the cum oozing out my pussy. I lay down with my back on the bed and head at the edge looking up next thing I seee his cockk and he wants me to get ready again I am thinking yeah right like he can. He lowers his cock and I open my mouth and now he is fucking my mouth and I am really enjoying this now he is even fingerring my pussy. Like every guy he is talking about how loose my pussy is and how much damage he has done. I stroke him a little and tell him you can fuck me as long as you can get hard. He puts his cock down my throat and I feel some more cum and he pulls out and cums on my face. He laughs and says I never thought when I first met you that I would cum on your face. We laugh a little and then I go to the restroom. His friend waits for me to get out and says you want some of this I look down and said after what Luke has done I wouldnt feel you. Go back into the bedroom and Luke is stroking his cock with my panties. He looks at me and says I think I can go again so I figured what the hell I have been here for this long maybe he can make me orgasm so I climb on top. I get on top and all his cum gets on his cock and slides out well at least I thought. Now, I can orgasm cos he will last a while I mean he has came 4 times I was wrong and I was grinding his cock in me and moving my hips he was playing with my tits and he says get off and suck my cock. I do it and again explosion in my face I am thinking he needs some pills. Then, a knock on the door I look over and it is 4am I have been fucking for 4 hours when I told Shawn I would bring him home. Luke puts on his boxers and I get dressed I walk out of the bedroom and walk around the corner and there is Shawn. My hair is a mess and my friend is in the next room fucking. I walk up to Shawn and he whispers did u fuck him I whisper no and then he says did u blow him and I said yes I will tell you when I get home. So I get my friend and we leave I take her home while Shawn when home to wait on me. I walk thru the door and he is naked and says so tell me everything and I did and he loved it.

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  1. mmmm, you are right, I loved this story, so hot and full of great details!!!