Friday, July 10, 2009

Old friend but BIG

I went to school with this guy and he was kind of nerdy when we went to school. I ran into him out one night and he had worked since high school. The first time we met we made out a little and I felt something that I might want to see and feel. More???


  1. YES, YES, YES!!! I want lots of juicy details!!

  2. OK So it is a Wednesday I tell my husband I am going over to get fucked. He takes some pictures of me before I had on the green short and the tan shorts with light blue panties in the pictures we have posted. Anyways before I go over to his house I go out with some of my girls. I tell them where I am going and what might happen. They were all jealous. Anyways I call him and he says well I have to take a shower I will leave the door umlocked. I go over and open the door shower is still going so why not. I go in and tell him I am here he peeks out and says justa sec. I grab his towel and he tries to reach it but I tell him nope have to step out. He does it!! OMG!! YES Jackpot hot HUNG guy he was huge and not all the way hard his cock was laying against his leg. I tell him so that is what I felt and it was not a sock. He says well cn you show me sommething. I took off my tight shirt and showed him my tits. He said that is great. I start to walk down the hall and he grabs my arm pushes me against the wall and start kissing me and his hands are on my shorts undoing them. They drop and one hand holds my hands above my head while the other hand probes my pussy and his cock his hard now 10 inches at least and great GREAT thickness.

  3. Now I have to grab that cock. I reach down and stroke his cock and I can feel my moisture now and I know he can. He pushes one leg up and he puts his cock right at my pussy and rubs it against the entrance. His lips have now been on my lips and neck and he keeps probing my pussy with the head and I know when he gets in I will be loving that cock. He grabs my hand and leads me to his room while his cock is swaying back and forth and I can hear it slap his leg with every step. So he lays me down and spreads my legs and starts to eat me out. Now I love a good tongue lashing but not when there is a thick cock in the room. I say we need to fuck. So he stands up and slides in slowly and not all the way in. His girlfriend must not be as experienced as me. I tell him just keep working it. He grabs my legs and they are spread and now I have all that cock in me. I am watching his huge cock sliding in and out and it is great and I am getting close yes I can feel it OH YES what he moves. He puts me on my side slide his cock in me again and he picking up the pace and his balls are slapping my ass. OHHH feels good I tell him you can fuck me. He starts to go harder my body is being pushed are over the bed. OMG it is feeling good yes DAMN moved again. Now if you were writing a book of positions you could have taken pictures. He had my pussy in every position at every angle for about 10 minutes each. If he would have stayed in one position for more than 15 minutes I would have creamed every time. Then he finally gets into doggie YES!! Orgasm time!!! OH he got up on his legs and I felt his cock in my throat well I thought it felt like that. OMG YESSSS OH yes now this position he is pounding my pussy and I am thinking hubby will defintely know he used my pussy I am close and then my phone goes off a I look it it hubby and it is 5 am he is worried so I answer the phone while getting fucked. H means what my hubby said. M is what I said and J is Jeff... H-Are you OK? M- oh oh yeah H- U sure? M- Oh God Yes!! H- OH you are busy? M- Yes he is fucking me right now deep and and and hard. J- OHHHHH GODDDDDDDDD!!! H- What was that?? M- Him cumming!! I will be home in a little bit. J- Damn my girlfriend cannot fuck or get fucked like you damn I got my cock all they way in. I start to get dressed and I look down his cum looked like a gallon of milk just leaking out and my lips OMG I need to get those fixed they were hanging there I was thinking hubby is going to know. I leave and head home